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Modern textile machineries are compact high speed machines compared to earlier designs & hence require lubricants which can perform in the extreme conditions of speed, temperature and load. Standard lubricants can no longer meet these expectations. The choice of a lubricant is largely governed by the technical and operational requirements and not just the cost. High-quality special lubricants - though they cost more, effectively turn out much more economical in the long run. Please find a presentation of high technology lubrication solutions for the modern textile machinery. You will find details of typical applications and solutions to lubrication problems involving the following types of textile machinery.

  • Textile Preparatory.
  • Spinning Machines.
  • Weaving & Sizing.
  • Looms.
  • Dyeing & Finishing.
  • Synthetic fiber spinning machines.
  • Synthetic fiber processing machines.


Designed to perform in the extreme conditions, our products not justmeet but exceed you expectations


These Offer:

  • Maximum Operational & Performance Reliability
  • Low Machinery Servicing Costs
  • Long Maintenance Intervals
  • Environment-friendly Solutions



Blow Room

  • Chains: Non-fling, adhesive Chain lubricants
  • PIV Gear Boxes; Synthetic Gear Box oil
  • High Speed Grease for the Drawing frame spindle Bearings
  • Environment-friendly Solutions


  • Flat End Chains
  • Flat Belts
  • Open Gears


  • Chains
  • Headstock Gearbox: Synthetic Gear Oils
  • Top & Bottom Roller Bearings: High Speed Greases


Spinning Machines:

Draw Frames/Speed Frames

  • High Speed Grease
  • Adhesive Chain Lubricants

Ring Frames

  • High Speed Grease for the Top & Bottom End Roller Bearings
  • Poker Bars: Dry Lubricating Coatings


  • Cleaner & Lubricant Spray for Splicers & Knotters
  • Cam Lubricants
  • High Speed Grease for:
    • Adoptor/Cradle & Drum Bearings
    • OE Spinning Machine Rotor Bearings
    • Two-in-one Machine Bearings
    • Synthetic Gear Oil for the Twisters


Weaving & Sizing:

  • High temperature Grease for the Drying Cylinder Bearings
  • Synthetic Gear Oils.
  • Adhesive non-fling Chain Lubricant


  • Long Life grease for the electrical motors
  • Adhesive Chain Lubricants
  • High Performance grease for the Cams & Slides
  • Air-jet Looms
    • Synthetic Gear Oils
    • Long Life grease for the electrical motors


Dyeing & Finishing:


  • High Temperature Grease for the Chains
  • High Temperature Chain oils
  • Dry lubricant coating for the width adjustment screws

Washing & Pre-treatment Lines

  • Water Resistant Grease for the Rollers
  • Anti-stick coatings to prevent sticking of sizing chemicals on the Rollers


  • Multi-purpose Grease
  • Degreaser & Cleaner Concentrate
  • Anti-seize Compounds
  • Compressor Oils
  • Corrosion Protection of the Spares