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Lubricants for the automotive industry must perform & meet requirements in terms of a high service life, comfort and safety. Innovative technologies can help improve vehicle performance and reduce costs

You need innovative technologies to meet your needs today and your tough challenges tomorrow. You can count on us to help you develop cost-effective answers for automotive:

• Safety
• Reliability
• Comfort and aesthetics
• Performance and fuel efficiency
• Environmental sustainability

Krytox® Performance Lubricants for Automotive Underhood Applications:

Krytox® high performance synthetic lubricants offer long use-life for your vehicles’ under-hood components. On a global basis, automotive OEM use of Krytox® lubricants grows each year due to the remarkable performance capabilities and benefits that are realized. No hydrocarbon-based lubricant can claim the attributes of Krytox® lubricants, including:

• Performance over a wide temperature range—extreme heat or cold have no effect on the super-slick lubricity and stable viscosity of Krytox® lubricants, effective from -60 °C to 260 °C (-51°F to 500 °F).
• Insoluble and impervious−Krytox® lubricants maintain their lubrication qualities, regardless of rain, snow, ice, dust or grit
• Resistant to caustic substances−Krytox® lubricants withstand fuel, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, washer solvent and even battery acid
• Low evaporation−Krytox® lubricants experience almost zero evaporation or chemical changes over the many years of an automobile’s service life.

Krytox® oils and greases are available in a wide variety of formulations made to satisfy the precise specifications of many different automotive applications, including:

• Underhood−fan clutch ball bearings, emission system air pump roller bearings, spark plug boots, clutch release bearings, antilock brake system bearings, windshield wiper motors, belt pulleys, oil pressure sensors, alternator bearings, sintered bearings for electric motors, and  EGR valves.
• Chassis—wheel bearings and CV/universal joints.
• Race car CV joints and wheel bearings.
• Interior—weather stripping, sunroof seals, window lift mechanisms, leather seats, consoles and trim, flocked and unflocked window seals and channels, door handles, switches, air vents, controls, and airbag covers.

Auto Manufacturing:

Krytox® can also provide lubrication for paint oven conveyor trolleys