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SETRALIT is an ecological and economically interesting alternative to synthetic fibers and to conventional natural fibers. The scope of applications, in which early asbestos was used, can be covered with SETRALIT. Thus SETRALIT is also a replacement for asbestos.

SETRALIT-fibers can compete with conventionally won natural fibers as well as high-quality synthetic fibers, like e.g. Para Aramid.

The benefit of SETRALIT compared to high-quality synthetic fibers, are the environmentally friendly production and the general use of the product as well as the very attractive price/ performance ratio.

Another Product line on offer is MIPO, an alternative for pure MOS2


MIxed POwder

MIxed POwder is used as a substitute to Molybdenum disulphide powder for friction linings, lubricating greases, lubricating pastes, suspensions as well as for self-lubricating plastics. MIPO's vary in composition depending on both, their end use and their base formulation.


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