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Krytox Performance Lubricants

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Krytox® Performance Lubricants Help You Win Your Battle Against Friction.


The Chemours Company - commonly referred to as Chemours is an American chemical company that was founded in July 2015 as a spin-off from DuPont. It has its corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. We are a new company with over 200 years of history, created from the DuPont performance chemicals businesses. With expertise spanning two centuries, diverse industries and more than 90 countries, Chemours is uniquely positioned to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

For those who regularly manage lubrication issues, every day is a fight against the forces of excess friction, vibration and wear. Krytox® oils, greases and solvents offer advanced lubricant solutions for a broad variety of industrial applications.


The many benefits of Krytox® will amaze you!!

It's not just that Krytox® lubricants save you money, or ease friction and lubricate moving parts. It's the sheer number of product strengths and advantages that bring design engineers and specifiers back to Krytox® again and again. Here's the short list.


Krytox Performance Lubricants are:
  • Formulated for many applicaitions
  • Ability to increase maintenance intervals
  • Heat Stable in extreme conditions
  • Chemically inert
  • Insoulube in water
  • Safe for seals & bearings
  • Non-flammable
  • Nontoxic and NSF Hi certified for food use
  • Long-lasting, needing less re-lubrication, so you will use less


Visit Web Site : http://www.krytox.com